Saturday, November 21, 2015

Digital Pages - All Clean!

These photos were taken right after Marcus' bath. :)

My Grafico Digital Images

My Grafico is a website I've used for a few years now to get fun and creative images to use for the shop! There images cater to digital scrapbook enthusiasts so it was time for me to use their site for what they are really known for!

There prices average around $5.00 per bundle of images. I use them mostly for purchasing digital paper. I want a true 12x12 image so the printing will be crisp and clear. I also buy some of there image packs if I really fall in love with them. They are so darn cute and My Grafico has sales all the time. I never pay full price for their packages. I average around $2.00-$2.50 per graphic bundle. Here is an example of some of their bundles.

Christmas Paper Pack

gold foil background Christmas red and green

Christmas Pandas

Christmas Panda Clipart Set

Fall Paper

Fall animals Clipart

Fall Owls

Autumn Owls Clipart Set

Pink Safari

Pink Animal prints Digital Papers

Boy Paper

Blue and Red Digital Paper Pack

Those are just a few examples. They have a huge selection of images. Be sure to check it out! They are an awesome resource for well made images!

There website:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Digital Pages - My First Digital Page

Here is my first digital page I did!

The paper and clipart all came from Mygrafico.

I'm Taking The Plunge! I'm Going Digital!

Right before my last retreat in November I was going through the typical anxiety of feeling like I would never catch up on my scrapbooking projects. I am a stickler about going in chronological order starting with my daughters birth. Well this fall I finally got to my sons birth. Guess what,  he is 5!! I just felt like there was no catching up! Memories fade over time and I would really like to scrapbook within a year of the actual event!

The night before the retreat it suddenly hit me! Why not go digital using Adobe Photoshop Elements? I have really learned to use Adobe Photoshop Elements well this past year. I use it for my business and I've used it to make forum signatures for friends on a couple of parrot forums I belong to.

I have toyed with the idea of going digital a year ago. But wasn't happy with any of the software I found back then. I wasn't as versed in APE yet either. I also didn't like doing online photo books because it didn't allow me enough creativity of my own. I wanted to be able to create whatever my mind could imagine. Pretty much from scratch. Just like I do when a scrapbook traditionally.

I am thankful that light bulb went off in my mind the day before my retreat. Thursday morning after setting up for my retreat, I did some research first. I wanted to make sure that I could get 12x12 prints at a reasonable rate. I found a great  site:

There rates were the best from what I could find at $3.72 per print or $3.36 if you order 10 or more! Another great deal is if you become a member ($65 fee per year) you can pre-buy 100 prints for $180.00!

I also used to purchase 12x12 digital papers. I wanted a good quality image so it would print well.

I began doing digital pages Friday morning and by the end of my retreat Sunday afternoon  I had completed a whopping 44 pages!! And that was while running my retreat! I absolutely loved it. I was hooked!!

Coming soon in my next posts - More about & Mygrafico!

Let's Talk Scrapbooking!

One of the things I thought would be fun is to share my scrapbooking adventures on this blog. I will try to post anything and everything about scrapbooking that crosses my path. The one thing I look forward to most is sharing my pages I create with you.

How I got into scrapbooking ~Although I scrapbooked in high school (no photos just keepsakes), I really didn't get into it much until my sister-in-law Pam introduced me to Creative Memories in 2003. I absolutly loved the idea of scrapbooking my photos and enjoyed the story a scrapbook could tell. I loved it so much that I opened up a small scrapbook store behind my house in Cornwall, VT in 2004. I taught classes and hosted many crops at the store. I learned a lot about scrapbooking owning my shop and was able to enjoy my hobby, thanks to the store!

The store then moved to our property in East Middlebury, VT in 2007. The recession hurt the business to the point we made the decision to close. But I continued to do retreats as you already know. My passion for scrapbooking on the other hand is still going strong and I consider my self one of those die hard fans of the hobby! So talking about it here will be a real joy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing about it! Onward to the next post!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Our 8th Annual Fall Scrapbook Retreat 2015

As I said before, 2015 was a very hectic year. We had lots going on at the candy shop. So my time to organize the 2015 retreats was very limited. But I did take some time to snap a few shots of our fall retreat!

Our Grand Prize Winner

Our 5th Annual Spring Scrapbook Retreat 2015

2015 was a hectic year for me. I own and operate the largest candy store in Vermont and had been working on putting in a new kitchen at my shop. On top of that, I had a wedding I had to attend in the middle of this retreat! So I had no time for much during this event and totally forgot to take pictures! But everyone who attended was so patient and understanding. Everyone still had a great time!

Here is a picture from my BIL wedding.

Our 7th Annual Fall Scrapbook Retreat 2014 - Our Murder Mystery Retreat!

I wanted to change things up a bit in 2014 so I did a Murder Mystery Retreat! We had such a great time. I also did a pretty in pink night on Thursday. Everyone really got into it! :)

My daughter helping out. She's been going to these retreats for awhile now.

Our Crop Space

Our Murder Mystery Decor

Our Disquise Dress Up Station

Mug Shot Station

Yes, that is Morgan.

The murder mystery begins...

Carol Cogswell

Heather Peet

Sandra Hurd Clark

Sue Fletcher

Heather Seeley

Sue Corey

Criminal Dress Up Night

Katie McLane

A Murder

Morgan enjoying some scrapbooking.

Her mess under the table.

Her hanging out under the table. 

Our Grand Prize Winner