Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Taking The Plunge! I'm Going Digital!

Right before my last retreat in November I was going through the typical anxiety of feeling like I would never catch up on my scrapbooking projects. I am a stickler about going in chronological order starting with my daughters birth. Well this fall I finally got to my sons birth. Guess what,  he is 5!! I just felt like there was no catching up! Memories fade over time and I would really like to scrapbook within a year of the actual event!

The night before the retreat it suddenly hit me! Why not go digital using Adobe Photoshop Elements? I have really learned to use Adobe Photoshop Elements well this past year. I use it for my business and I've used it to make forum signatures for friends on a couple of parrot forums I belong to.

I have toyed with the idea of going digital a year ago. But wasn't happy with any of the software I found back then. I wasn't as versed in APE yet either. I also didn't like doing online photo books because it didn't allow me enough creativity of my own. I wanted to be able to create whatever my mind could imagine. Pretty much from scratch. Just like I do when a scrapbook traditionally.

I am thankful that light bulb went off in my mind the day before my retreat. Thursday morning after setting up for my retreat, I did some research first. I wanted to make sure that I could get 12x12 prints at a reasonable rate. I found a great  site: www.adoramapix.com.

There rates were the best from what I could find at $3.72 per print or $3.36 if you order 10 or more! Another great deal is if you become a member ($65 fee per year) you can pre-buy 100 prints for $180.00!

I also used Mygrafico.com to purchase 12x12 digital papers. I wanted a good quality image so it would print well.

I began doing digital pages Friday morning and by the end of my retreat Sunday afternoon  I had completed a whopping 44 pages!! And that was while running my retreat! I absolutely loved it. I was hooked!!

Coming soon in my next posts - More about Adoramapix.com & Mygrafico!

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