Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Digital Pages - Getting So Much Done!!

Since I started digital scrapbooking at my fall retreat last year I have done 162 pages!!! I'm still in 2010 but I knew I would have a lot to scrapbook since that was the year Marcus was born. :)

I did a whopping 72 pages alone at this past weekends spring retreat! Woohoo! I think that has to be the most pages I've ever done at a retreat! I am really loving how easy I can work on pages and how everything is at my finger tips when ever I am in the mood to scrapbook!

I know I promised to share some of my digital creations. But fall and winter are very busy times for me as that is the "holiday" season at the shop. I was actually behind on all my blogs. Yes, I have more then one. :P But I am back and will try to share often.

Here is one of my favorite series of pages that I scrap booked of a photo shoot I did of my kids in the spring of 2010. It's never been about the paper, stickers or the embellishments for me. The most important thing is to showcase my memories in a fun and creative way and to express the joy, love and laughter of those memories! It's all about the pictures. Enjoy! :)

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